Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Introduction Part I

RunningRoach is of a science, engineering and business background, and one who has often marveled at the workings (or not) of the brain and the mind. He finds himself intrigued with the variety, depth and musings of many of the bloggers found here, and like so many inhabiting the blogasphere, he’s doing his best to make sense out of what is going on around and among us. He looks forward to continuing investigations and observations into, and ramblings about, politics, the MSM, the GWOT, PC elitism, values, education, life, the universe.. Everything.

Since he plans to post some of his ramblings and rants here and to comment on the ramblings of others, he wanted to first introduce himself and to give readers of this blog, if any, a bit of background and insight into this writer and his sometimes whacked-out sense of humor. ( Like; Why did he name it RunningRoach?) That’s a story for another post.

Switching into first person mode, RunningRoach continues:

I started as a child in a small town just 10 miles west of New York City, called Newark by some early settlers with a very warped sense of humor, direction or both. I managed, not only to survive, but to grow-up and develop into much of what I am today during the first 18 years of my life, more times than not as a bit of a delinquent, “exploring”, working and being “educated” there. (In the streets as well as in the classrooms.)

I can without the least bit of hesitation admit that this life, now into its sixth decade, has been a parade of significant changes. While I don’t claim to be a “neo” anything, my evolution has formed, reformed and reinforced many basic values that have attached themselves to me as leaches along the way, and most of which I maintain to be undeniable truths. (Unless proven otherwise.) You know what I mean…the existence of a higher power, like God; “Do unto others..”unless you can’t deal with what others are doing to you.; “If at first you don’t succeed”….have it fixed.; along with several other “commitments of prejudice” and all that heady stuff most of us won’t admit to.

A BS, an MS, a PhD, an Honorable Discharge from the U.S.A.F. along with several patents and society memberships, are among the many sometimes dusted mile markers along this trip hanging on my office walls. An older more cherished document, presented to my great grandfather by King Emanuel of Italy, hangs squarely centered within this mare's nest, and proclaims him ”Il Cavalieri” (A Knight.) He was a Provincial Judge in Sicily, and was heralded as being “Una giustizia delle persone.”(A Justice of the people.) I do have some pride in my ancestry and hopefully a bit of the empathy, tolerance and common sense he possessed. From my reading of his diaries, translated by my late father, I found him to be a strong family man, fair minded, forward thinking and far from an activist judge. The Fascist government that ultimately followed the “Throne” brought an abrupt end to his fairness, fame, fortune and life, and booted his children, (my grandfather aged 16 included) out of the country.

I did not ask to be deposited into this world as the only child of a lower middle class Italian American family during the Second World War. Nor was I asked permission to be baptized a Catholic shortly after my arrival. Nor did I bend my fathers’ arm to encourage him to declare the family “Republican” upon his return from fighting the Fascists and Nazis in Europe. (I guess he had enough of FDR’s new deal!) All of these “gifts” were freely and lovingly given. The one thing that my parents bequeathed upon me, for which I am, more times than not ambivalent, is a brain. At times a curse far worse than being “fat, dumb and happy”!

It’s not an easy chore to be “smart” and then do some monumentally dumb things. Fortunately I learned a bit from them and mended my ways as a very young man, unlike today’s MSM purveyors of truth (of a sort), justice (of a sort) and the (anti)-American way. I now watch with a strong measure of incredulity and gastrointestinal discomfort, “stupidity” repeated with increasing frequency by people in the highest levels of government, power and influence. (I’m not talking about overtly criminal activity here, per se. Just stupidity…Unabashed childish stupidity that sometimes equates to outright criminal activity.)

Take Newsweek’s Koran flushing story as an example. After all the endless discourse that we’ve suffered through, I still can’t say for sure that such an event did or did not take place. And so what! Who the hell cares! What was undeniably stupid in this instance were the overt and covert motives of those who wrote and published it. And then, the crowning achievement by MSM’s leading blog, the New York Times, in outing the CIA’s venture into commercial aviation, ! You can dissect their behavior any way you like, but I see this act as pure insanity. There is no more justification for this than flying planes into buildings. ( So, let’s put Karl Rove in jail! Right!) Or, how about abu Graub. I’ve had to endure much more at a frat house “hell night” than what any of these Islamofacist murders had to put up with there. And now the ACLU wants more pictures! I believe I’ve had just about enough!

More about that stuff, and of the evolutionary process that brought me here in Introduction Part II.


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