Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hillary? Go figure.

On Sen. Clinton’s appearance before more than 3,000 people attending the recent 78th annual dinner meeting of the Economic Club of Chicago, The Chicago Tribune noted:

“Hillary Rodham Clinton called Tuesday for a new national economic strategy that combines fiscal discipline with broad health-care reforms, a rebuilding of the nation's public works and innovation in such fields as energy research to foster success for the middle class.”

I’ve read this paragraph a dozen times, and it still befuddles me. Now, my PhD is in engineering not linguistics. However be that as it may, I’m going to take a shot at translating it into a form that I can sink my teeth into because it sounds worthy of some real serious consideration.

My version: Hillary Rodham Clinton called for a new national economic strategy to foster success for the middle class. (Sorry, I thought the middle class was doing increasingly well in recent years, ( Reduced tax burden, increased home ownership, etc.) but by golly, she is about to tell us how to do even better!

The new national economic strategy combines:

A. Fiscal discipline (A sound Democrat policy)
B. Health care reforms (The failed socialist model she pursued as First Madam)
C. Public works projects (Didn’t the Senate just pass the largest transportation bill in history, along with about $26 billion of additional earmarks?)
D. Innovation in energy research. (Like, I know where to find a lot of oil but we cant drill for it or build more refining capacity, so lets form a “National Institute for Energy” to innovate some new policies.)

OK. So it boils down to this: “Middle Class” Americans should spend less on themselves, but more on taxes, while supporting a national- socialist health care system and encourage more spending in government controlled public projects, but not supporting drilling for oil in ANWAR or building windmills in visual range of the Kennedy enclave.

Now I get it! Wow. What a plan. You middle classers are really going to excel with this one!

While I don’t have the entire fifty-five minute transcript, the Trib highlights a few of the more “impressive” comments she made supporting this “new” national economic strategy.

Sen. Clinton: "I suggest that we agree on the need for an economic strategy that keeps our economy growing and creating good jobs in the face of new competition, and that we strengthen the middle class--which is, after all, the engine of our growth and the backbone of our democracy."

My translation: I suggest that we agree on: (Note that the action word is “agree”. And by the way, who the heck is included in “we”?)

A. The need for the above (translated) strategy.
B. And to strengthen the middle class. ( Can’t wait to hear how we get strengthened. By "new competition" she must mean illegal aliens.)

And I thought the “backbone of our democracy” was the Constitution of the United States, our Democratic form of government and all Americans. I also thought “the engine of our growth” included job producing entities fueled by profits, productivity of American workers and the innovation of thousands of entrepreneurs. But what do I know. That’s why we have Senators like Hillary to lead us on the path to enlightenment.

Sen. Clinton continues: "The truth is, we can't be secure without a strong economy and we can't sustain our deepest values without an economy that rewards hard work. Too much that comes out of Washington these days is either defeatist, denials or happy talk."

My translation: Believe what I’m about to tell you, because my name is neither George nor Bill! Security, which I strongly believe in, (Check out my votes.) is very expensive and we have to collect more revenues to pay for it. So the more revenue the economy produces, like profits and wages, the more taxes we can take from you to pay for it. So if you work really hard, you can probably keep your deepest values and not give them up to the ACLU, NARAL, NAMBLA, ANSWER, NOW, and so many other progressive influences out there.

And then her best: "Tax cuts alone cannot secure the middle class. They are not the cure-all for everything that ails the American economy. We need investments, decisions and policies that only all of us, acting together through our government, can make to set the stage for future prosperity."

My translation: The only thing tax cuts have done in the past three years was to get our growth rate up to a little bitty 3.5% per year, add a few (5.1 million) jobs, drop unemployment to only 4.7% and raise real after-tax income per person by only 8.3 %. That is not a cure-all as you are still not secure, even if you think you are. The decisions that will affect you most regarding your investments, and public policies need to be made by your government so you don’t screw up your future prosperity. And, don’t believe any good news you hear about anything until you have a responsible government in Washington.



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