Friday, May 12, 2006

Introduction Part II

I created this blog a little over a year ago with a desire to share my thoughts about this "Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World". At the time, and with the best of intentions, I attempted to keep up with ongoing events and to comment about them in a way that would provide one indivuidal's perspective on these events, and perhaps percipitate some lively dialog with other like minded bloggers or passersby. I was inspired to do so by a number of bloggers whom I follow on a daily basis including; Shrink Wrapped, Dr. Sanity, Neo-Neocon, SC&A, One Cosmos , ATB and a host of others. Up to this point this effort has not produced a whole hell of a lot of blogging on my part, although I have commented at length on many of their posts. As the circle of my favorite sites expanded, I found that so many others were of the same mind regarding the MSM, politics, national and international policy, the GWOT, education, PC, MC and on and on, that I really had little to add in the way of unique or insightful musings. Clipping a few comments onto quotes from others is not, for me, a very satisfying experience. I needed to speak my mind at some length on a given topic. Couple that desire with the fact that I can't type worth a damn and blogging seemed to require more time than I had available. Allow me to explain.

A little over a decade ago, I "retired" from Corporate America as the C.E.O. of a national corporation. Big whup, right? Right! Yea, I got a bronze umbrella and enough bennies to live a reasonabally OK life, even by today's standards, and I was still a fairly young guy. Made sure the ex-wife (We had split a few years prior.) was taken care of and that my 4 kiddies all got through college. I decided to travel the world and become the bon vivant I always wanted to be. "Free at last!" Well that lasted about 6 months.

Ya see, I met this lady and she knocked me right off my surf board. Yup. Blam! Just like that. Kind of like being hit by that "bolt of lightening" of Sicilian lore. (See; "The Godfather")

Let me share my recollection of that scene for you. ( At least for the two of you who sometimes stop by this blog.)

There posed
upon a stool,
skirt hiked high
above snow-white thighs
revealing endless charms...

A deep cleave
enticing soured eyes
to the heaving
breasts within...

Raven hair
drapes a goddess form,
promising delights

Aroused by my thirst
she quenches
into a collision
of fire over ice.

Interested? Well, to be continued.


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