Friday, May 12, 2006

What Shall We Name This War?

I responded to a very interesting post by Gerard Vanderluen of American Digest (BTW, all of his posts are well written, interesting and compelling).

Gerard writes:

"What we must press for in the Terrorist War is a victory so
decisive that we can, in the end, avoid the larger war lurking on the
not-so-distant horizon a true war between civilizations. That war,
should it come, will not take the name of The Terrorist War, but of
"The Islamic War"

I responded:

Let’s step outside your rhetorical question for a moment and consider a few observations. (I’ll call them "street realities".) Let’s put some very basic facts together that form a pretty clear mosaic of what is happening. An almost cursory observation of this "terrorist" phenomenon and our efforts to deal with it, by anyone who can see through the prejudiced MSM and "Bush haters" on the left along with the warped PC "donkey dust" mentality that attempts to justify, reconcile or otherwise rationalize terrorism, yields the following:

The perpetrators; Muslims (In almost all cases.)

Their religion; Islam

Their origin; The Middle East

Their weapon; Bombs, (worn, placed, driven or flown)…for now!

Their method; Suicide (Get close to a bunch of people and "pull the cord".)

Their "stated" reason; Jihad (Or, I lost my sense of humanity and want to kill a lot of people and if I - or more likely the weak minded nut cases I can convince to do this- must die in the process, that’s ok.)

The result; Lots of dead people. (Mostly civilians.)

The desired effect; Murder designed to terrorize the Infidels and have us walk away from this war. (Or anyone else nearby. An "equal opportunity" tactic.)

Their enablers; Power hungry Muslim fanatics, Muslim Clerics, Muslim theocracies, Muslim totalitarian governments, indifferent Muslims worldwide and their all too quiet Islamic communities.

The Islamic motive; Destroy the infidels (Western free civilized cultures.) and their influence on Muslim populations worldwide.

The Muslim Motive; Regain the power and influence once held by Islam.. "the good old days" from about 200 years ago back to the sixth or seventh century.

Why?; Who gives a damn. There can be no justification for a "cult of death".

In an attempt to sum this up into one simple sentence, I offer the following:

Fanatic Muslim leaders have embarked upon a war for Islamic dominance of the free world.

It’s really that simple! Terrorist suicide bombing is but the opening tactic in this war. For the moment they apparently can’t afford to deliver much more. When will we, as the leader of a number of free Western nations, begin to take them seriously? I doubt that you will ever find a headline like the above statement in the MSM, or such an admission from the left. But so what! Some one, or a real coalition of powerful nations, needs to deal with them now, before they gain the weapons to do much more harm.

So, what is the real deal with Iraq anyway? It’s the portal into the third battle of this war.

It is truly unfortunate that this war will continue to be fought on a reactionary basis. I have a great deal of difficulty accepting a premise that we are entering a phase of this war wherein western European and Middle-Eastern governments will, in earnest, do what it takes to preempt and stop terrorism. The actions required within their respective countries remain too unpalatable, both politically and among their populations. Those in power have too much to loose. (Unless we can up the ante.) At best, we may just be approaching the end of the beginning of this war. I believe that this war will be a long drawn out reactionary/evolutionary process with mostly unwilling participants. There can be no clear-cut straight-line strategy to win it, and too many talking heads and politicians are against it.

I agree with Gerard in naming it "The Islamic War" although I might even go farther and call it The Fourth World War.

So, what do you want to call this war? It does make a difference!


Blogger Citizen Deux said...

The Fourth World War has merit and is supported by some strategists. You may also call it the War of the Caliphate, as the Islamists are certainly seeking to reestablish this domain.

3:43 PM  
Blogger SERENDIP said...

Great blog:

Roxieamerica has an excellent post on this issue:


2:16 PM  

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